Using paperman means you can work closely with your customers to achieve maximum paper utilisation and ensure paper is where it needs to be on time.

PAPERMAN For Printers

What does Paperman offer?

  • Configure print runs
  • Record future print jobs
  • Comprehensive Purchasing sytem
  • Automatic stock replenishment
  • Maintain optimum stock management
  • Online enquiry and reporting system
  • Monthly/Annual financial statement production
  • Access to the papiNet global community
  • FSC/PEFC Audit trail

Benefits of using Paperman:

  • Work more closely with customers
  • Ability to forecast future print runs
  • Integrate with in house MIS system
  • Quote and bill forecasted paper costs
  • Waste calculation
  • Improved paper utilisation
  • Control excess paper usage
  • Claims system
  • Reduse amount of paper held at locations
  • Significantly reduces manual effort needed in managing customers paper

Additonally you can:

  • Integrate Paperman with in house systems
  • Provide online access for your suppliers and printers

Printers using Paperman:

  • Wyndham Heron
  • Southern Print
  • Polestar
  • Prinovis