Utilising the online system, suppliers can work more closely with customers to ensure the most effective service is being provided.

PAPERMAN For Suppliers

What does Paperman offer?

  • Access to papiNet global community
  • Purchasing system based on papiNet orders
  • Invoicing on both delivery and usage
  • Instant access to both wharf and printer stock levels and locations
  • Online enquiry and reporting system for customers
  • Production of all customers financial reports
  • Production of customers FSC/PEFC audit trail

Benefits of using Paperman:

  • Provide online service for customers
  • Reduce stock held at wharf
  • Improved efficiency in recording and replenishing stock levels
  • Forecast customer's paper usage
  • Offer additional paper management services
  • Obviate need for manual input for sales orders
  • Offers customers papiNet invoicing
  • papiNet electronic business transactions significantly reduces clerical effort

Additonally you can:

  • Integrate Paperman with in house systems
  • Provide online access for your suppliers and printers

Suppliers using Paperman:

  • Antalis
  • Sappi
  • UPM